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The R Factor Ministries


Restore Renew Revive... People Places & Purposes

Our Vision...YOU Fulfilling Your Vision

About - The R Factor Ministries - TRFM

Restore Renew Revive

People, Places & Purposes

OUR Vision...YOU Fulfilling Your Vision

The R Factor Ministries / TRFM's mandate is to help Restore, Renew, & Revive... People, Places & Purposes, bringing refreshment and encouragement to individuals and organizations.

We believe that we all need to be restored back to our original identity – the way God designed and created us, for His plan & purpose. When we come into His intended alignment, we end up becoming fully alive, living a fulfilled life. We think and know from personal experience, that when we have our minds renewed through the teaching of the Word and we start thinking from Heaven’s perspective – Heaven towards Earth; not Earth towards Heaven and once Restoration, and Renewel start to take place, then we seem to come alive, once again. New Life is breathed into us – and we experience personal Revival. When a persons life is restored, renewed, & revived, there becomes an overflow into every area in our everyday lives. Physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

The end result is people start recognizing who they are; whose they are, and who their called to! This revelation, changes everything! See below a visual representation of The R Factor Ministries.